Gain exposure. Gain insight.
Key to a patient’s treatment success is the relationship they forge with their regulated supplier. Sail understands that closing the loop on the cannabis ecosystem is essential. Suppliers are able to use our tools to be linked directly with patients, leverage our international data for deeper product insight and gain exposure to patients with varying conditions and requirements.
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Analytics to drive your business.

With an international reach and high patient volumes, Sail uniquely collects clinically-driven data which can give deep insight into qualifying conditions by geography, the most popular strain types, desired symptom relief and a wealth of other insight to help manage your operations.
Your fastest connection to patients.

With more than 250,000 patients having used Sail, we provide regulated suppliers with the easiest way to access the needs of a patient right at the point-of-care. Our Recommendation Engine and Sail Discover tools can showcase your products in an unprecedented way.