Meet the Team

Deep rooted experience leveraged from healthcare operations to medical cannabis to world-class technology solutions, our team is the heart and soul of what we do each and every day.
The Executive Team
Pradyum Sekar, Chief Executive Officer
Pradyum Sekar
Chief Executive Officer
Prad has been at the center of the cannabis industry in Canada since 2014. He has worked with, and on behalf of LPs to provide better access to cannabis patients by engaging physicians. He is clinically and business trained with a background in the healthcare industry, helping him drive and create innovative tech solutions that bridge the gap between patients, physicians, and regulated vendors.
Kash Qureshi
Chief Operating Officer
A highly accomplished visionary and results-oriented executive, Kash offers the experience needed to help drive operations and revenue generation through effective strategic management initiatives, branding solutions, and dynamic merger and acquisition partnership agreements.
Dan Thompson
Chief Marketing Officer
Dan brings over 15 years of marketing and communications experience championing high-growth public and private technology companies. Most recently, Dan built and led the marketing divisions for the online retail technology company, Groupby Inc. and travel-retail and payment technology company, GuestLogix. Dan graduated from Michigan State University with degrees in both marketing and communications.
Stephanie Gluchacki
President of Clinical Operations
Stephanie Gluchacki has been at the helm of overseeing the operations and expansion efforts of 22 clinics in the United States serving ten different states. She holds an unparalleled understanding of the various nuances of medical cannabis frameworks across the United States and internationally.
Sail team members
Medical Advisory Board
Doctor Kishan Mahabir
Dr. Kishan Mahabir, M.D.
Medical Director
A Nephrologist and Medical Cannabis Specialist at Sakura Medical Centre, Dr. Mahabir is considered a key voice in the therapeutic benefits of medical cannabis throughout Canada and the globe.
Doctor Jordan Tishler
Dr. Jordan Tishler, M.D.
Medical Advisor
A Harvard-trained Holistic Care expert, chronic pain specialist and leading expert on Cannabis therapeutics, Dr. Tishler employs Western medicine and Cannabis care to treat a wide array of illness. He is the owner of inhaleMD, President of the ACS, and Treasurer of DFCR.
Doctor Danial Schecter
Dr. Danial Schecter, M.D.
Medical Advisor
Widely regarded one of the foremost Canadian experts in clinical benefits of cannabinoid medicine, Dr. Schecter is the co-founder of the Cannabinoid Medical Clinic and guides over 5000 patients through their cannabis journey.
Doctor Riyaan Hassen
Dr. Riyaan Hassen, M.D.
Medical Advisor
A Canadian family physician, Dr. Hassen specializes in special needs pediatrics as well as in chronic disease management. At his Revolution Medical Clinics, he prides himself on bringing a new approach to healthcare with a deep understanding of the benefits of cannabis therapy.