Bridging the knowledge gap on medical cannabis.
Cannabis meets healthcare.
Sail is an established healthcare technology company with the mission of increasing the number of clinicians who evaluation/evaluate patients for medical cannabis. Through the provision of clinically-validated guidelines and data we help to give clinicians the information they need to make the most informed decision at the point-of-care.

We bring healthcare protocols to the world of medical cannabis essentially expanding the market and allowing for more patients to have access to the treatment they need.
Helping to connect patients, clinicians and regulated suppliers around the globe.
With more than 250,000 patients that have used our technology and services, Sail works to connect all industry stakeholders through technology that makes a difference.

A strong foundation breeds industry change.
Our experienced leadership team fuses healthcare, cannabis and technology backgrounds which ensure that we continue to see the market from all vantage points.

Our international Medical Advisory Board provides deep insight to ensure every move we make continues to support the ever-evolving world of medical cannabis.